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(A tribute to our beginning)

A simple “COMING SOON” just won’t do here. It would be a lie. The truth is we are here already. onlyUS is not just a brand, it is a home for both creators and the community they service. Welcome Home! 

Finally an opportunity to discover amazing new products from around the world without  interruption from “Big Business”. 

We are here to usher a new standard in Media, Retail and Live Performance. onlyUS will remain a “doors open” incubator for rising artist, brands, designers and filmmakers. Providing opportunities for those who have spent time mastering a craft, yet have trouble finding a platform for it to succeed. 

We all have something great to share with the world. onlyUS is building the perfect share space! Unbiased, Ungoverned and Unapologetic. Join US

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We first Met Andrew in St. John U.S Virgin Islands were he was accompanying his Mother while there for work. Andrew was at that time just skating, listening to trap music, shooting music videos, grailing clothes and being the best teenager he could be. At that time Andrew had already displayed a high level of fashion sense and just good sense all together. We all saw that Andrew had potential, but what would come next was totally unforeseen.

Its 2017 and Andrew returns to the Virgin Islands with a burning passion. He wants to sew and after thinking about it we really shouldn’t be too surprised. Our conversations with Andrew would always stare towards fashion, especially when we would meet up in SOHO New York City where we would roam the streets of Broome and Bleecker, dreaming of the day our garments would hang from racks. 

Andrew comes from a middle class family in Gilford CT. I have witnessed his moral first hand and I must say his parents have done an extraordinary job with him. He is polite, intelligent, and honest. Andrew would always speak about how much he dislikes major luxury brands for their thieving tactics and constant disrespect towards environment.

Its been 2 years and Andrew is now sewing on a daily basis. His workshop in New Haven CT sings with the sounds of nobs turning and thread whistling threw fabric. He finds himself at local markets for new things to incorporate into his designs or just some good old inspiration. 

Andrews designs are not your usual “clothes”, they are Art. They are as if you are wearing a painting. Sounds weird right? It just might be, and with Andrew thats totally alright!

- onlyUS

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British Virgin Islands

It's 2pm and the sun rays are dancing through the clouds as the sea breeze brushes across our faces. The ferry isn’t crowded today and even if it was we are only going to be on it for about 30 minutes. The Captain says the waters are calm today, so it should be a smooth ride all the way in to the west end. I haven’t visited this island since I was a child so my experiences here are quite a blur. I do remember this island being different than St. Thomas Virgin Islands in that it was more rural and unattached to commercial agenda. 

We are in Tortola! The boat ride was as pleasant as any other on a ferry. If you live on Staten Island New York, it is similar to riding the Staten Island Ferry. Tortola welcomes you with a scenic slap in the face. The hills, which could easily be mistaken for mountains, lean over villages like Gods over men. There is something very captivating about their incline and the way they go from plane to slope seamlessly. Seeing vehicles winding through these catastrophic hill sides is like watching riders on the latest Six Flags attraction. 

Tortola is thriving with economic value and sense of ownership. The laws here have been structured to protect people in Tortola from “Big Business”. Tourist on long stay vacations often get inspired to start or move their businesses to the Caribbean. Tortola protects itself from their interest in efforts to limit the amount of revenue leaving the island. Locals here love this structure and because of it have been able to take family businesses and turn them into corporations.

Tourist often flee to Tortola in search of a more quiet and remote getaway. The neighboring island St. Thomas provides access through its Cyril E. King Airport, where 50% of travelers then take a ferry to the exclusive island. Tortola sits as the crown jewel of the British Virgin Islands. 

The island is owned by the Queen of England who gave the land to its settlers in exchange for taxes and ownership of the ports. Since then the people of Tortola  have been outstanding participants in the world of trade, transportation and commerce. 

Tortola is known on the sea as a Sailors Paradise. Sailors have shared that in 3 days sailing around the BVI, one could visit up to 11 islands, most accessible by sea. This well-known secret has cause Sailors from around the world to call Tortola Home, providing the island with a surplus of sailors and ships always ready and willing to hit the open sea. 

Tortola is expensive! If you are looking for a cheap place to visit this may not be the one. Finding anything here is going to take a vehicle and getting around is best with a guide. The food in Tortola is exquisite, but sadly the chef knows you are a long way from home and will be asking a hefty penny for it. The truth is Tortola isn’t used to bargainers. 

Richard Branson, one of the wealthiest men can be seen on the island on ‘any given day conversing with locals about happenings and social matters. The local people are no strangers to million dollar real estate and a life of luxury, after all they are residing smack dab in the middle of it!

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Eating a well-balanced diet and exercising on a regular basis is essential to good health. Including more alkaline foods in your diet increase the alkaline content in the blood, which decreases the acid content. A more alkaline blood pH helps protect healthy cells and balance essential mineral levels. Alkaline diets protect bone density and muscle mass, lowering the risk of chronic pain and inflammation and improving immune function. Many high-alkaline foods are a delicious contribution to a healthy body.

So by now you think everyone knows it’s healthy to drink warm lime water, alkaline water, and fresh-pressed green juice. Sure, they all improve your body’s detox abilities, boost your immune system, and give you a mega dose of much-needed nourishment – but that’s because each of these drinks helps raise your body’s pH, turning your system from acid to alkaline.

When your body is in an alkaline state, it becomes more resistant to disease, inhibiting the growth of pathogenic organisms like bad bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungi and even cancer. The oxygen levels are raised in the tissues, blood and organs, allowing them to function more efficiently and effectively. Reducing acidity and maintaining an alkaline state also helps to encourage healthy cell turnover, energy production and regular toxin excretion.

While there are many factors that impact the pH levels in the body, the easiest way to influence the acid-alkaline balance is through your diet. By eating alkaline-forming foods and minimizing the consumption of acid-forming ones, your body can more easily maintain an alkaline state. Alkaline-forming foods are plant-based, and are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They are typically easier to digest than acid-forming ones, improving immune function in the gut and helping to lower inflammation and mucus production.

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When we first met Munzir it felt as if we were around a superstar!

Munzirs energy was incredible during a conversation with another designer about an idea he needed help developing. He owned the room, demanding everyone’s attention with his confidant intellectual approach. 

Munzir was born in Sudan and later moved to America with his family where his thirst to learn continued in adopting the newly found English language. Munzir is a creator in every way. When we met the young developer, he was crashing in an NYU dorm, completing his projects using NYU equipment after getting access from actual students. We found this to be amazing and audacious. We knew that these tactics would soon be the back story of a geniuses rise to success. 

As a creator Munzir dabbles in music, graphics, animation, video editing and more. Munzir even can be caught on some of the biggest runways as he has been modeling since a teenager for many of the biggest names in high fashion including Telfar and Vogue. But above all of his talents Munzir has dedicated most of his study and venture to developing augmented reality applications that have changed the way we look at interaction during commerce forever. 

Munzir first got into augmented reality when he discovered a developer software called Unity. Unity allows users to create designs and program them according to the developer’s specs. Munzir quickly fell in love with the applications possibilities and saw ways he could incorporate them into his ideas.

Munzir showcases the type of dedication that most can only marvel at. He works on an around the clock basis and enjoys having a full plate. His passion and level of discipline inspires young creatives that would otherwise get caught in hype of getting hired by a major company. Munzir has carried the torch as an independent developer ready to design your company’s interactive portal or smart logo. His quest to be recognized as one of the most innovative developers is felt in his Portal production examples for major music artist like Travis Scott and NIKE.

Typically, Munzir can be found in a really cool environment, perfect for creating and inspiring creativity. He usually would be sporting something very trendy while either taking his latest Instagram photo or behind one of his two laptop screens developing the future. 

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