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When we first met Munzir it felt as if we were around a superstar!

Munzirs energy was incredible during a conversation with another designer about an idea he needed help developing. He owned the room, demanding everyone’s attention with his confidant intellectual approach. 

Munzir was born in Sudan and later moved to America with his family where his thirst to learn continued in adopting the newly found English language. Munzir is a creator in every way. When we met the young developer, he was crashing in an NYU dorm, completing his projects using NYU equipment after getting access from actual students. We found this to be amazing and audacious. We knew that these tactics would soon be the back story of a geniuses rise to success. 

As a creator Munzir dabbles in music, graphics, animation, video editing and more. Munzir even can be caught on some of the biggest runways as he has been modeling since a teenager for many of the biggest names in high fashion including Telfar and Vogue. But above all of his talents Munzir has dedicated most of his study and venture to developing augmented reality applications that have changed the way we look at interaction during commerce forever. 

Munzir first got into augmented reality when he discovered a developer software called Unity. Unity allows users to create designs and program them according to the developer’s specs. Munzir quickly fell in love with the applications possibilities and saw ways he could incorporate them into his ideas.

Munzir showcases the type of dedication that most can only marvel at. He works on an around the clock basis and enjoys having a full plate. His passion and level of discipline inspires young creatives that would otherwise get caught in hype of getting hired by a major company. Munzir has carried the torch as an independent developer ready to design your company’s interactive portal or smart logo. His quest to be recognized as one of the most innovative developers is felt in his Portal production examples for major music artist like Travis Scott and NIKE.

Typically, Munzir can be found in a really cool environment, perfect for creating and inspiring creativity. He usually would be sporting something very trendy while either taking his latest Instagram photo or behind one of his two laptop screens developing the future. 


Written by WORK  +  July 4, 2020


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