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We first Met Andrew in St. John U.S Virgin Islands were he was accompanying his Mother while there for work. Andrew was at that time just skating, listening to trap music, shooting music videos, grailing clothes and being the best teenager he could be. At that time Andrew had already displayed a high level of fashion sense and just good sense all together. We all saw that Andrew had potential, but what would come next was totally unforeseen.

Its 2017 and Andrew returns to the Virgin Islands with a burning passion. He wants to sew and after thinking about it we really shouldn’t be too surprised. Our conversations with Andrew would always stare towards fashion, especially when we would meet up in SOHO New York City where we would roam the streets of Broome and Bleecker, dreaming of the day our garments would hang from racks. 

Andrew comes from a middle class family in Gilford CT. I have witnessed his moral first hand and I must say his parents have done an extraordinary job with him. He is polite, intelligent, and honest. Andrew would always speak about how much he dislikes major luxury brands for their thieving tactics and constant disrespect towards environment.

Its been 2 years and Andrew is now sewing on a daily basis. His workshop in New Haven CT sings with the sounds of nobs turning and thread whistling threw fabric. He finds himself at local markets for new things to incorporate into his designs or just some good old inspiration. 

Andrews designs are not your usual “clothes”, they are Art. They are as if you are wearing a painting. Sounds weird right? It just might be, and with Andrew thats totally alright!


Written by WORK  +  July 4, 2020


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